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Poorly attended events and lack of engagement on email campaigns are the primary issues facing marketing and sales teams. Webinars, podcasts, in-person events, and email campaigns are essential to your market presence. iMS has the answer!

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Struggling with attendance for your webinars or onsite

Struggling with attendance for your webinars, onsite
events or email campaign engagement?

The #1 challenge for clients 

Continues to be in person and webinar event attendance and or attracting the right attendees. If you are struggling with event attendance let the iMS team help!

Challenged with email campaign engagement?

iMS provides everything needed for a successful email campaign

National target database

(over 100 million
contacts include technology install and buyer intent data), email automation platform, content production,
telemarketing follow-up and attendee registration / tracking.

2022 Client Results


Executed Webinars/Labs


In-person events in

30 states

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